Calypso Boat Molokini Maui

Adults Online Special: $59.95 regularly $69.95
Kids 3-12 yrs old: $44.95
Kids 2 and under free. 1 free per paying adult.


Check-in time 1:00pm, depart 1:30am, return 4:30pm.Location: Slip 82, South Ferry Dock 101 Ma’alaea Road, Wailuku, HI 96793


Calypso Afternoon Snorkel Tour To Molokini Or Coral Gardens.

Go ahead and sleep in, it’s your vacation after all and the Calypso afternoon snorkel tour allows for that. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted with ALOHA by the friendly Calypso crew at slip number 82.

After a quick ‘pre snorkel hair’ photo opportunity, it’s time to explore Maui’s only vessel featuring three levels of seating and deck space. Whatever floats your boat, find the table and chairs that suit your need for shade or work on that Maui tan. Settle in and you’ll instantly relax to the sound of island music that sets the vibe for this laid back afternoon trip.

Trust the experience of your captain to determine the destination of this afternoon snorkel tour, the goal is calm waters above vibrant reef. The size and design of Calypso allows for smooth sailing where other vessels may be rocking so crossing the 9 nautical miles to Molokini crater in the afternoon is a definite possibility. Once there we could be the only boat onsite and will anchor in calm waters (that means excellent visibility for snorkeling) sheltered by the horseshoe shape of the island.

Coral Gardens is the other possible destination for this trip and can be considered just as good if not better(!) than Molokini reefs. PLUS the location of Coral Gardens (west of the harbor, past the windmills where the cliffs meet the sea) means less time cruising and more time in the water. Brave the jump from the top deck, exhilarate yourself with a slide into the sea, see what you can see from the glass bottom windows, snorkel or try snuba! Calypso crew are experts on it all and will provide all the tips, tricks and gear you need to ensure your best possible experience in the water.

An on board Naturalist offers a reef tour at the snorkel site and is even willing to take your camera on a deep dive to capture that special fish you’ve spotted. On board photographers allow you to enjoy every minute of the trip and take home images above and below the surface. They even have underwater cameras that you can use to snap your own pics, if you so prefer.
Lunch and refreshments await your return to the boat where you can trade stories of the fish you’ve seen, dispute who did the best high jump off the platform and tally up how many eels were spotted on the reef that afternoon.

Regardless of where you end up, you wont find a friendlier crew, a more comfortable ride or entertaining boat on Maui than the Calypso. If you want to snorkel early check out the Calypso’s morning Molokini tour.

Check out all the awesome amenities below:

  • BBQ lunch with your choice of chicken or pulled pork sandwich.
  • Ice-cold sodas and juice
  • Professional, friendly, safety oriented, experienced captain and crew
  • Informative and historical narrative
  • Top-quality snorkel gear
  • Optional wetsuit and underwater digital camera rentals
  • Plenty of Jimmy Buffet music


8 years and older welcome. No experience necessary.

If you are already familiar with snorkeling, and you’d like to try something new, enjoy snuba diving! Snuba brings you closer to the fish for a longer period of time than snorkeling can. An experienced guide accompanies you throughout your dive. You breathe from a tank of air that is floating on the surface, and you have the option to swim down to about forty feet – taking your air tube with you! Snuba does not require prior experience breathing from a tank.

Snuba aboard Calypso Molokini Snorkeling

Glass-Bottom Windows

Once the boat stops, you can take advantage of one of the rarest amenities of any boat in Maui. Descend beneath the lower deck into Calypso’s glass-bottom viewing room. Four panels of large aquarium-style glass transform the ocean into, well, an aquarium! There is space to sit, relax, and really take in the lovely coralline views. Bring the younger kids so they can see what their older siblings are discovering outside the boat.

Jumping Platform

Are you a daredevil, or do you want to be? On Calypso’s high second deck, the “leap of faith” awaits. Do you think you’re ready to take the leap?

Flotation devices

If you prefer to do your Molokini snorkeling along on the surface only, Calypso carries all kinds of ways to keep you floating. We have boogie boards, pool noodles, float belts, and life vests of all sizes to use for free. Wetsuits are available for rent. For the little ones, we’ve got kickboards with viewing windows! These boards are so comfortable, and the waves so gentle, that children have been known to nap while floating on them.

Ease of Water Access

Almost everywhere you look, Calypso has provided a path to the place you want to be – the ocean! The boat has 11 individual dive staircases, each with its own handrail for safe and convenient entry into and exit from the water. The rear dive step is lowered directly into the great blue sea, similar to boats used on the Great Barrier Reef. Cool, right? Yes, especially once you get into the water!


First and foremost, we focus on safety. Calypso is a United States Coast Guard certified passenger vessel. We take care to abide by all the USCG applicable rules and regulations, and we carry all the necessary safety equipment that is required. We also provide safety instructions and information about the snorkel sites and the boat.

Snorkeling Instruction

Our crew members are experienced ocean explorers, and they will teach you how to understand and use the snorkel equipment they provide. They will make sure you are fitted with a snorkel set that fits you properly, and they’ll explain what you can expect on your first float above a coral reef. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like until you are ready to take the plunge. Then, go for it!

Comfortable Seating

Calypso boasts 4,000 square feet of comfortable, intimate and covered passenger seating spread throughout three separate decks, with tables for almost every seat. Every deck is outfitted with speakers, so no matter where you’d like to be, you can hear the narration, safety information, and joking from the captain and crew. For the most sun and the best views, head on up to the top deck. When you come back to your seat after your Molokini snorkeling adventure, don’t worry – each chair was built to get wet and still be cozy.

Two Water Slides

As if the Calypso couldn’t get any more fun, she sports two thrilling water slides. One zips you straight up and off the bow with an exciting drop into the water. The other is slightly tamer, but still a lot of fun. Everyone in the family can go around and around all day. Slide, whoop, swim, climb stairs, and repeat. Yahoo!

Two Freshwater Showers

Once you’re pau playing in the sea, and both your Turtle Town and Molokini snorkeling sessions are complete, it’s really nice to rinse off the salt water. “Pau” is the Hawaiian word for “finished,” and Calypso has two freshwater showers available for your use.

Large Shady Cabin

We understand you want to work on your tan, but there’s a good chance you’ll need a break from the island sun at some point. No worries! Calypso’s got you covered – literally! The shady main cabin gets plenty of airflow, and will provide all the respite you need. You’ll find comfortable chairs, tables to accommodate groups of all sizes, and – of course – the tasty food and drink counter.

Three Restrooms

Calypso is equipped with three restrooms – known as “marine heads” once you’re aboard any boat. The heads are located on the lower, main deck for your convenience.