Adults (13-99): $129.95
Children (7-12): $99.95
Kids 6 & under are free – (1) per paying adult

Check-in time 6:30AM // Departure time 7:00AM // Return time 12:00PM

Location: Main Loading Dock, 675 Wharf Street, Lahaina, HI 96761

• SIGN BEFORE TOUR: Liability Waiver

One of the most unique places you can snorkel on Maui is actually off Maui, on Lana’i! Just 8.8 miles across the channel is the Pineapple Isle – Maui’s closest neighbor island. Now home to two opulent resorts with their own golf courses, Lana’i used to be agricultural land for the world’s largest pineapple plantation. Long before that, it was one of the banishment sites for Maui’s lawbreakers. (The other island used for that purpose was Kaho’olawe.) Today, the Quicksilver catamaran’s Lanai snorkeling tour gives you the chance to visit this incredible place.

The nearshore waters of this island are home to sheer cliffs, craggy rocks, and coral reefs full of colorful marine life. A large pod of spinner dolphins lives offshore and spends a considerable amount of time in the channel. It is very common for our guests to witness these incredible marine mammals diving, leaping, and swimming powerfully alongside the boat! Because the island is not as developed as Maui, Oahu, or Kauai, and the human population is small, the corals and other reef life have more space and time to thrive. You will love exploring the snorkel sites here. Whether you get the chance to see the wide-ranging coral reef of Manele Bay, or the unique reef life surrounding Shark Fin Rock, this Lanai snorkeling tour will leave you with lasting marine life memories.

You’ll board Quicksilver at the world-renowned Lahaina Harbor in the morning, when the seas and breeze are usually calm. While sitting on either of our two decks in comfort on the west shore of Maui, if you squint and look across the Maui Nui Basin, you can almost see Manele Bay on the south shore of Lanai. Shark Fin Rock, on the other hand, is not at all visible until your double-decked vessel rounds the west coast of the island, and brings you past even more amazing landforms. Some, like Sweetheart Rock, come to us steeped in Hawaiian legend. Quicksilver’s engaging captain and crew – always full of aloha – will bring these ancient tales to life as they narrate your time at sea.

This family-friendly Lanai snorkeling tour is sure to satisfy everyone, from first-timers to those more experienced with the thrilling sport. All snorkel gear, flotation devices, and snorkel instruction is included on Quicksilver. You can rent wetsuits and underwater cameras! There is also an exciting water slide, a freshwater shower to rinse off the salt, and even a glass-bottom viewing area so you can see underwater while staying dry!

You’ll enjoy a filling breakfast spread, you have a choice of a tasty Turkey sandwich or Pulled-Pork sandwich, Coleslaw, choice of Chips, Soda for lunch, and all kinds of drinks during your half day (5.5 hour) excursion. If you have a dietary restriction (vegetarian, gluten free, etc.) this must be noted and specific dietary restricted lunch requested at time of booking. Feel free to enjoy adult beverages once your water time is through; the crew is watching out for you both in and out of the ocean, and one thing’s for sure: alcohol and snorkeling don’t mix safely. And in case you’re wondering, two on-board restrooms are available for your convenience.

We’d be delighted to host you and your family on the Quicksilver, and guide your exploration of Lanai’s remote underwater world. Are you ready for this epic Lanai snorkeling tour? Awesome! Let’s go!

(*All Snorkel Spots Are Determined Daily Weather Permitting. Please Understand and Respect Captain’s Decision on Snorkel Locations – In Your Best Interest.)


Assorted tropical mixed fruit which may include pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe and honey dew melon.
Assorted muffins usually consisting of blueberry, poppyseed and chocolate muffins.
Assorted pastries.

Assorted vegetable which may include broccoli, celery, tomatoes, cauliflower with ranch dressing.
Your choice of either a Roasted Pulled Pork Sandwich w/ BBQ Sauce or an assorted croissant deli sandwich which may include Roast Beef, Ham or Chicken.
Quinoa salad (vegetarian option).
Assorted chips.
Large delicious chocolate chip cookie.

Juices – passion, orange, guava Juice, pineapple, orange, cranberry and lemonade.
Soft Drinks – Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, ginger ale.
Hilo Brewery beer – Humpback Lager, Red Ale & Tsunami IPA.
Alcoholic Beverages – We carry rum, light rum, vodka, tequila and whiskey. The tropical favorite Mai Tai our #1 request. Rum and coke, screwdrivers, and special requests also available.
Hot Coffee/Tea

Boat & Tour Amenities!

2nd Deck Jump Platform!

One of Quicksilver’s coolest features is its 2nd Deck “Jump For Joy” platform. You can jump right off the side of the boat! This option is perfect for guests who are not interested/ done with snorkeling and want to add a little excitement to their trip – take the plunge into big BLUE! Quicksilver is the only snorkel charter that goes to Lana’i that has a coast guard safety certified jump platform. There are easy access stairs right behind the boat to get back aboard after your leap! Epic for all ages!

Water slide!

Need a quick way into the water? Do your kids need extra entertainment on the Lanai snorkeling tour? Look no further than the Quicksilver’s water slide. It is located on the back of the boat, next to our easy staircase into and out of the water. You and your kids can go around and around, down the slide and up the stairs, repeat to infinity and beyond!

Guest Safety!

Safety is always a priority. Quicksilver is a United States Coast Guard certified passenger vessel. We abide by all their applicable rules and regulations. We carry all the necessary safety equipment required by the United States Coast Guard. We also provide safety instruction and information about the snorkel spots and the boat. At each snorkel spot we always have a crew member in the water to act as a lifeguard and to lend general assistance with snorkel gear or to answer any questions.

Easy Ocean Access!

There are two easy-access staircases that lead to our sea level swim platforms on the back of Quicksilver. No steep ladders to traverse. This makes getting in and out of the water quick and easy. Also, a crew member is almost always standing by on each swim platform to help you in and out of the water, provide flotation devices, and help you with your snorkel gear, digital cameras or any other items.

Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Dessert! Cookies! These deserve a special mention. Everyone loves our chocolate chip cookies. I don’t know what it is about being on a boat, but cookies always taste better at sea. We have plenty, so seconds are never a problem on our Lanai snorkeling tour.

Comfortable Seating!

Cushion bottom or bucket type seating, most with some variation of a back rest, highlight the Quicksilver’s comforts. Having something to lean back against and a soft cushion to sit on makes for a comfortable and relaxing day. Most seats on Quicksilver have both.

Fresh Water Showers!

After you’ve had your fill of ocean exploration, it’s great to climb back on board and rinse off all the salt. Quicksilver has two freshwater showers for just that purpose. Enjoy!

Flotation Devices!

If you are not a strong swimmer, or you simply appreciate floating around, we provide several different kinds of flotation devices. Choose from life vests, float belts, boogie boards, and foam noodles – all of which are included on your tour. Wetsuits are great flotation devices too, and they’ll keep you warm! They are available to rent for an additional fee.

Shady Main Cabin!

We understand you are more than ready to work on your tan, but FYI: when you’re out on the ocean, the sun comes from above and reflects off the water. Trust us, you’ll be delighted to have access to shade every once in a while. You don’t want to arrive at dinner looking like a lobster, do you?

Snorkeling Instruction!

On our cruise out to Lanai, our crew members bring you all the snorkel gear you need. They also give instruction on how to properly fit and use your equipment. For those who need special assistance or a little more instruction, a formal Snorkel 101 class is taught by the captain aboard the boat, once you’re moored (parked) off Lanai. This is great for first-time snorkelers.

Smooth Ride!

One of our main focuses is passenger comfort. The Quicksilver was specifically designed for Maui’s weather and waves. The island winds add up throughout the day, which causes the water to be a bit frothy on our return trip. Our catamaran’s double-hulled design is largely above the wind chop. This allows the boat to avoid much of the rough water, and makes for a smoother ride.

Great Music!

Our Lanai snorkeling playlist is a lot of fun! We’ve selected music from a range of decades to entertain everyone in your party. Rest assured, Jimmy Buffett and Jack Johnson are both represented!