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Tour Information

If you have already experienced Molokini Crater, you could be looking for another unique snorkeling site on Maui. If so, think a bit further offshore, to the island of Lanai! Less than ten miles from Lahaina is the “Pineapple Isle” – Maui’s closest neighbor. When Hawaii was a kingdom, many who disobeyed the law were sent to Lanai. From the early to late 20th century, Lanai boasted the largest pineapple plantation in the world. Nowadays, the island is home to two expansive resorts, each with an ocean-view golf course. When you are here, the Quicksilver catamaran will take you along the coast of this barely-inhabited island to discover an incredible Lanai snorkeling site!

Lanai is famous for its rugged lava formations, fantastic cliffs, and underwater habitat hosting brilliant marine creatures. There is a large group of Hawaiian spinner dolphins that lives, hunts, and plays around the island, too! It’s not uncommon for Quicksilver passengers to encounter this pod while the catamaran makes her way across the channel.

The shores of Lanai are less developed than those of Maui, so the reefs surrounding the island are healthier. You are going to love discovering the colorful fishes here, whether the captain selects the epic seafloor at Manele Bay, or the rare ocean life that swims around “Shark Fin” – a natural sculpture that breaks the surface of the sea, and looks exactly like its namesake!

Your tour leaves from Lahaina Harbor in the early morning, which is just right. That’s before the Maui winds have picked up, which makes for calmer seas. Whether you choose the shady cabin or the open island sky, the double-decker Quicksilver has all kinds of comfy seating, for large groups and small.

The captain and crew will tell ancient Hawaiian legends and current stories of the islands, while you take in the stunning views on the way to the Lanai snorkeling site. All snorkeling equipment, instruction, and flotation are included on your family-friendly boat. If you like, you can rent wetsuits to keep a bit warmer, and underwater cameras to document your awesome adventure. Quicksilver also gives you a water slide, a shower to rinse off the salt, and glass panels in one hull so you can watch the fish without even changing clothes. (This area is especially good for those of us with a dry sense of humor!)

Be prepared to enjoy a delicious breakfast, hearty lunch, water, drinks, and soda throughout this five-and-a-half tour. Adult beverages are available once you’re out of the water, as we on the Quicksilver always put safety first. And yes, two restrooms are indeed on board.

The Lanai snorkeling tour on Quicksilver is sure to thrill everyone, from first-timers to the sport to those who are more experienced in the water. Please, come aboard for an exceptional day visiting Lanai!

Awesome Amenities

Glass-Bottom Windows

One of Quicksilver’s coolest features is its group of aquarium-style viewing panels. You can see marine life right through the bottom of the boat! This option is perfect for non-snorkelers who want to take a look at the reef. On rare occasions, humpbacks have been seen swimming beneath the boat on our whale watch tours. What an amazing sight to see!

Water slide

Need an express lane into the water? Are your kids looking for more activities on the Lanai snorkeling tour? No problem! Quicksilver’s water slide offers tons of fun! The slide shoots off the back of the boat, right next to our easy access staircase from the water. Everyone can go around and around, down the slide, and up the stairs. Then, saltwater rinse and repeat!


Safety is always our top priority. Quicksilver is a United States Coast Guard certified passenger vessel, and we make sure to abide by all applicable rules and regulations. We carry all the necessary safety equipment the United States Coast Guard requires. Furthermore, we provide safety instruction and information to you regarding the snorkel sites and our boat. At each snorkel spot, we always have a crew member in the water acting as a lifeguard, lending general assistance with snorkel gear, and answering any questions that bubble up.

Easy Ocean Access

Two easy access staircases lead to our sea level swim platforms on the back of Quicksilver. There are no steep ladders to traverse, which makes it quick and easy to get in and out of the water. Also, an attentive crew member is almost always standing by to help you in and out of the water, provide flotation aids, and assist with snorkel equipment, digital cameras, or any other items.

Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Dessert! Epic! Our chocolate chip cookies deserve a special mention. Everyone loves them. I don’t know what it is about being on a boat, but there is something special about the taste of delicious cookies at sea. We have oodles, so feel free to reach for seconds on our Lanai snorkeling tour.

Comfortable Seating

The Quicksilver is furnished with comfortable bucket type or cushion bottom seating. Most seats have some variation of a back rest for support. Having something to lean back on and a soft cushion for sitting makes for a relaxing tour. Most seats on Quicksilver offer both comforts.

Freshwater Showers

After you’ve had your fill of ocean exploration, it’s great to climb back on board and rinse off all the salt. Quicksilver has two freshwater showers for just that purpose. Enjoy!

Flotation Devices

If you are not a strong swimmer, or you simply appreciate floating around, we provide several different kinds of flotation devices. Choose from life vests, float belts, boogie boards, and foam noodles – all of which are included in your tour. Wetsuits are great flotation devices too, and they’ll keep you warm! They are available to rent for an additional fee.

Shady Main Cabin

We understand you are more than ready to work on your tan, but FYI: when you’re out on the ocean, the sun comes from above and reflects off the water. Trust us, you’ll be delighted to have access to shade every once in a while. You don’t want to arrive at dinner looking like a lobster, do you?

Snorkeling Instruction

While we cruise out to Lanai, our crew members bring you all the snorkel equipment you need. They also give instruction on how to fit and use the gear properly. If you want special assistance or a little more direction, the captain teaches a formal Snorkel 101 class aboard the boat. This is great for anyone who is a first-time snorkeler.

Smooth Ride

One of our main concerns is passenger comfort. The Quicksilver was specifically designed for Maui’s weather and waves. The island winds add up throughout the day, which causes the water to be a bit frothy on our return trip. Our catamaran’s double-hulled design is largely above the wind chop. This allows the boat to avoid much of the rough water, and makes for a smoother ride.

Great Music

Our Lanai snorkeling playlist is a lot of fun! We’ve selected music from a range of decades to entertain everyone in your party. Rest assured, Jimmy Buffett and Jack Johnson are both represented!